A Family Valentine of Joy & Love

Joy and Love
The sweetest joys in life to me
Are the ones more felt than seen
The joy that is within my soul
With nothing in between.
The Lord has given me this day
This precious love to share
And with this love He’s given me
Friends who really care.
Each tender moment of my life
Is giving and forgiving
And with each tiny bit of love
I learn the joys of living.
Anne Cole Mills
To my valentines
This poem was written by Anne Cole Mills on April 12, 1988.   It was written on the back of a card that she mailed to me in 1989.  Unknowingly, I had lost the card.  In 2004, it was unexpectedly returned in the mail by a friend a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day.  The return of the card touched my heart.   It was like the return of a long lost friend.   I created and mailed a Valentine’s card with the poem to many friends and family members in 2004, hoping to spread the love.
Anne Cole Mills is the mother of Dalsie Mills Norman.   Anne & Dalsie are the two women that I admire most in my life.   They continue to touch my heart and bless my very soul, although I long for their company, their words of wisdom, their voices and their laughter.  Everyday I miss their overwhelming gifts of joy and love shared only in the simple things of this life and through moments that change your very being and who you are.
Anne is my grandmother; Dalsie my mother.

 I wish you …. Joy & Love

Happy Valentines Day!

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