Scanning Family Photos


LtoR Mildred, Floyd and Ethel Mills


This year at the onset of a new year, I sat down and established my new goals.  The goals were divided among several areas of my life that I consider important.  One particular goal that I established in the area of genealogy was to begin using that wonderful scanner that my husband bought me a couple of years ago.  Then life sets in and as with many New Year’s goals, the busy-ness of life can lead one to believe that there is no extra time to get things done; and especially no time for jobs that take a considerable amount of time like photo scanning (I think that photo scanning is related to filing).

But, I was determine to get the scanner manual out, get the scanner hooked up and connected to my computer and at least get things started. I kept reading about the SCANFESTs created by Thomas MacEntee at the Geneabloggers and knew that I must make time to scan my old family photos (at least a good part of them) this year.

Dalsie Mills Norman


SO — GUESS WHAT? I did it!  I finally started this part of the mission.  Over the weekend, a friend asked me to assist them with scanning a small handful of their old family photos.  It seemed to be the motivation I needed to break out the scanner and the manual and just get it done.  After scanning my friends few photos, I scanned for another 3 or 4 hours.
I have included a couple of the new scanned photos in this article. I have also added some of the photos to the “slideshow” feature on this blog page.  I plan to scan a little more, provide an update, plus feature some of the family members in the photos each month.  Wish me well.
Now — here’s a challenge for you  — get busy and scan some of your own family photos to assure that they are preserved and not lost.  Share them with other family members or on-line with other genealogists. 
Just thinking . . . . if a picture is worth a thousand words . . . . .



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