Cranford Hollow Road

Cranford Hollow Road, Columbia, TN — this barn was used for many years for milking cows, twice a day. It stands on the property previously owned by my grandparents, Floyd M. Mills & Anne Cole Mills. The house, which fronts the road was built by my grandfather. They called this home — years of laughter, hard work, love, cooking, canning and entertaining family members and friends. There’s a couple of small ponds in the back west portion & perhaps the plum trees that produced many a jar of plum preserves still stand. A small creek runs across the front lot in front of the barn and patches of clover cover the ground. There once was a cellar just to the right of the garage. The front field to the east of the barn was plowed each year for a big garden; one that produced the best tomatoes ever. On the back east corner of the property is a fairly high hill. On a clear day you can see the County Courthouse and other “city” buildings – about 10 miles away. It’s also a great place for daydreaming. Today there are many new homes along Cranford Hollow Road; yesterday it was a dirt/rock road with a few small, family farms. My grandfather knew every car that drove by. He told stories of a stagecoach robbery that was said to have happened years earlier — just down the road, around the bend and in the hollow area. The bandits, with handkerchief covered faces, set up an ambush for the stagecoach. After gunshots were fired back & forth, the bandits prevailed and galloped-off on their horses with the money. I don’t know if they were ever brought to justice. — it’s a great place, Cranford Hollow Road.


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