My Family Tree

My closest family surnames include: Norman, Gibson, Mills, Cole, Tucker, Gilliam, Grissom, Howell, Barnett, Dial, Welch, Clark, Neathery, Harris and Robinson.  My direct ancestors lived in Middle Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia, between the 1600/1700s through recent times.

More News and information soon!


2 thoughts on “My Family Tree

  1. Your Gilliam family research is very interesting. My mother’s family tree is deeply rooted in Maury County with Gilliiam, Jones and Gray among her family lines. John Henry Gilliam is also my 4th great-grandfather, Stephen Gilliam, my 3rd great-grandfather, John Frances Gilliam, my 2nd great-grandfather and Eunice Gilliam Jones, my great-grandmother. We are at the least 4th cousins. If the Neathery listed in your family tree list of family names is Mildred Gertrude Neathery (wife of John Francis Gilliam) we are most likely 2nd cousins


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